Read...WHY Blog links...

     When I decided to revamp our original blog, created to promote our non-fiction spiritual growth book, Come Into His Fullness; I wondered and prayed about what topic, what theme I wanted to write about on a regular basis. The topic that kept coming to mind was 'encouragement'. One of my favorite 'minor' characters in the New Testament has always been Barnabas, the encourager. 
     Then I decided that rather than write about encouragement (at least for now) I wanted to be a Barnabas. I want to encourage other writers, other women (and a few men) with their desire to reach out to the world through their blogs. So will be a place where I will post categorized links to a multitude of blogs; and also be a platform for the books my sister, Pam Micca and I, Ginger Smith, have written.
     Another reason I decided to turn into lists of Blog Links is selfish. I wanted a place where I could keep and easily reference all of the many blogs that I like to check out on a regular basis.
    Many of the blogs listed are written by Christians. There are also topics included that are secular.

    I do not plan to ask for subscribers at this time, so I wonder if you would save our link to your desktop or in your favorites folder and use it as I will, as a go to place for your favorite blogs.

     YOU CAN HELP! On each page and post I ask for suggestions for blogs you think should be added to the lists. Please do not hesitate to leave suggestions in the comments boxes at the bottom of each page/post. I will check out each suggestion and add them if suitable for this blog. 

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