What does it mean to be a "pre-fall" Eve?

 (This an excerpt from our book "Come Into His Fullness " )
What does being a “pre-Fall” Eve mean?
     The term pre-fall Eve refers to the state a woman is in once she has accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior.
     However, if the answer to that question was that simple, it would be natural to wonder why more women aren’t able to live out the state of being a pre-Fall Eve.
     Scripture makes it clear that we are new and perfected in Christ.  (See 2 Corinthians 5:17) What scripture is not clear about is exactly how one might “walk out” that new identity in our everyday lives.  Scripture certainly paints a picture in broad strokes regarding the principles we are to live by and the fruits that we are to express out into the world.  Scripture also makes it clear that God has a strong desire to see each of us fulfill the purposes that he designed us to express into the world once we enter into relationship with him.  Yet we still struggle day-to-day with a myriad of issues that make it difficult to do so.
     Our purpose in this book is to create a dialogue between women, both one-to-one and more globally, that will assist us as women to encourage, stimulate, and awaken us as women to the true nature of our created purpose and the endless possibilities that exist for all women when we choose to walk in relationship with God.  We have a strong desire to go beyond developing understanding and insight to actually learning to appropriate and walk out the growth and development spiritually, cognitively, emotionally, and relationally that enables each of us to “become” the women we were designed to be, rather than try to “act” like the women we believe we were designed to be.
     On a global level we believe that much of the world sees God as masculine in gender.  As a result of this inclination, there is an automatic, but unwitting tendency for us to inaccurately identify those characteristics of God that have been distinctly re-created in woman.  This has resulted in significant barriers to the world recognizing women as being made in the image of God and having been created for a specific purpose that continues to be attainable once a woman enters into personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
     The Fall did not obliterate the perfect woman that God created.  It “covered” up or “submerged” that perfect woman, making it impossible to reach her until Jesus entered the picture 4,0000+ years later.  But over those 4,000 years and the thousands of years that have passed since Jesus walked the earth, all of mankind has forgotten and all but obliterated the amazing creature that God created in Eve and that each of us as women carry within us.
     The sin and evil that entered into the world at the time of the Fall has grown in the same way that a single sprout of mint planted in a garden will quickly spread underground until there are literally thousands of strong mint plants overtaking the garden and beyond if left to proliferate without proper controls being put in place.  As it relates to women, this unbridled outpouring of sin and evil has resulted in the oppression, degradation, abuse and an endless series of injustices being carried out against women throughout the world, throughout time.
     This has resulted in a collective soul wound that delivers the unspoken message that women have always been and will always be “less than”.  We have a desire to begin to enter into dialogues on our blog that help women to understand 1) God’s true intention when he designed Eve, 2) what deep rooted problems make it difficult and sometimes impossible to incorporate these characteristics into our identities, and 3) then begin to express them out into the world in ways that result in each woman’s specific purpose is fulfilled. 
 (This an excerpt from our book "Come Into His Fullness " )

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