Eve's Fall

 Eve's Fall   
      God’s reality is that we will never find complete answers by looking to self. It bears repetitive reminders that there is really only one truly effective way to find the answer. There is really only one beginning point from which to start the journey toward freedom from the effects of what we have identified as the original separation/rejection experience which now prevents each one of us from meeting our personal needs in effective, healthy, long lasting ways. That beginning point is the accurate identification of the real problem.  The following poem speaks to the depth and breadth of the separation/rejection experience.

I despair of my bondage
I am crushed by the weight of my sin
I try to crawl out from under and I fail
I am smothered by my shame
My grief is heavy
I am continuously assaulted by the reality of my betrayal
I was given life to give life
Yet I have brought destruction to my daughters and their children
What am I to do?
Where am I to go?
Where can I find peace?
 I was broken and twisted
I cried out in my pain
You heard me
You lifted me up
You touched my broken places
You untwisted and straightened
 Responsibility has rightly been placed at my feet
My choice became my weakness
My sin became my identity
Contempt for my kind has become my legacy
It is an inheritance that I cannot revoke
My birthright is forfeit
I am overwhelmed by the penalty I have laid on my daughters
I cannot go back!
I cannot undo!
I cannot mend what is broken!
I cannot straighten what has become twisted!
You hear my cry
You lift me up
You touch my broken places
You untwist and straighten
You speak words of love into the deep, dark places of my soul
I have longed for you to return to me
I have waited and your cry is my reward
I delight in the reality that you are mine
Nothing can mar my intentions for you
Nothing can destroy what I preserve
Nothing is so broken that I cannot mend
Nothing is so twisted that I cannot find purpose
You are a work of art
The finishing touch
You were meant to be a part of something larger than life
Something noble
Something pure
Let us begin a new adventure
As the crown of my creation
pam micca
     Please take a few moments to contemplate what you’ve read.  While the description of Eve’s pain is powerful, we don’t want you to miss the greater power contained in God’s response to her.  We believe, and invite all of our readers, to seriously consider a God who has a strong desire to mend what is broken, straighten what has become twisted, and speak words of love into the deepest, darkest places of your soul.
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(This an excerpt from our book "Come Into His Fullness ")

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