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From the Prologue...

.... His thoughts went back.  He had watched the unfolding of the creation of his very own playground.  It aroused him and he had difficulty containing the excitement he felt as he witnessed what he thought was the final step in the completion of this architectural wonder that would soon belong to him.  Suddenly the air around him grew still.  He could no longer hear any of the sounds of nature that had become the background music to this most perfect creation that belonged only to him. 

Then he saw her.  She was walking in the garden.  His pleasure abruptly turned to rage. The feeling so intense he staggered backward. As he righted himself his sense of arousal returned, causing him to shudder. 

The glow that had been in his eyes faded to black.  He spoke out loud.  “She will die.  And all those like her will die at her hand.”  As he looked up thunderclouds filled the sky.  Lightening crackled all around him. 

“I will not allow you to take back what you have given me.  It is mine.  I will fight you with all the power that is available to me.  You will not win.  In the end you will bow before me.  She will never fulfill your plan.  When I crush her, I will be crushing the plans you had for her and all of mankind for all eternity.” 

He turned his back to the storm unfolding before him.  As he walked away his thoughts were cruel.  Her death will be slow, excruciatingly so.  I will make her pain linger endlessly.  She will beg me to put an end to her misery. 
Chapter 1

            September 10, 2001

Dalton Studios Edgewater, NJ

Sara Evans leaned forward; her hands clasped loosely under her chin; elbows set evenly on the table in front of her.  As she listened to her interviewers’ question she glanced over to the others at the table.  She smiled at her grandmother and daughter before she responded. 

               “Abby, most people continue to view this issue in extremist terms.  They immediately want to identify who is right and who is wrong.  But what if everyone is focusing on the wrong issue?”  Her violet eyes were calm as she spoke.

“What if it is not an issue of right or wrong?  What if it is about discovering a part of the story that has been hidden? Hidden specifically and purposefully for women.”  The president of Crown of Creation, an organization that ministered to women throughout the world, sat back into her chair and pushed a lock of ebony hair back behind her ear.

               “Well that would give fuel to your critics who claim that your organization has a radical feminist agenda.” Abby Dalton picked up one of the folders on the table and opened it as she continued, “From a recent issue of The Contemporary Cynics Chronicle I quote, “Like so many ill-advised organizations the Crown of Creation attempts to coerce unsuspecting followers into changing their long held beliefs. On the surface their mission appears to be altruistic.  They claim to know the truth about what God really intended when He created man.   These women claim that the Bible has been misinterpreted and that God is neither male nor female but instead asexual.  I believe it is obvious to all clear thinking people that this organization is nothing more than a secret society bent on proclaiming a sinister and radical message.  They are paranoid and hysterical women.  They claim it is their God ordained duty to enlighten all of the women in the world.” 

               Sara opened her mouth to respond but Abby continued, “The article is several pages long but I’m especially interested in your response to the writers closing remarks.  He says, “I think that this organization, Crown of Creation, is clearly malevolent toward men and any women who do not agree with them.  Perhaps they should change their name to the Eve Conspiracy.” End quote.”

               Abigail Dalton had worked for years as a commentator and journalist, until finally yielding to her father’s urging to take his place at the helm of the company he had built.  He had eagerly agreed to her only stipulation, to be allowed to continue to host her weekly interview show, ‘ABBY LIVE’-180. 

               The set she welcomed her guests on had changed several times throughout the shows history and was now reminiscent of a modern coffee shop.  During her years as host of ‘ABBY LIVE’-180 Abby had interviewed hundreds of celebrities, dignitaries, politicians, and many ordinary citizens. But nothing was as close to her heart as the topic that she and her guests were discussing during this segment of her show. 

               Abby looked at the other two women including them in her next question to Sara. “How do you respond to the accusation that the international conference your organization will be hosting this week is a platform where you will be asking women to adopt a radical form of Christian feminism?” 

               Sara Evans was familiar with the author of the article Abby had quoted, and his organization.  The Manasseh Restoration Society had been incorporated a few years after Crown of Creation.  Although she had learned early on that its founder had vastly different views about the roles of men and women than Crown of Creation Sara was bewildered by the blatant hatred that was apparent in the writers’ words.

               “Christian feminism? As opposed to what? Evangelical essentialism? Christian Egalitarianism vs. Complementarianism?” Sara raised her eyebrows and her eyes sparkled as she spoke. Though she had the ability to speak her mind confidently and firmly, she was always soft-spoken and gentle in her demeanor. 

“Our organization’s mission is one of attempting to reveal the truth about those missing and hidden parts of the story.  We are not about ‘isms’ Abby.  We are not trying to replace or even refute current or ancient beliefs about the roles God intended when He created man and woman.”

               “Sara, you just mentioned again something about ‘a part of the story being purposefully hidden’.  It sounds like part of the story has already been revealed. That might be confusing to our listeners. What does that mean?” 

            “Abby, the majority of the women attending the conference are very familiar with our work. They are not being duped into anything. Most of them have read and completed the Bible study written by one of our members titled ‘Come Into His Fullness”. This book and accompanying study have prepared them for what they will discover at the conference. 

The complete answer will be explained fully at the International Crown of Creation Conference that will take place in Washington DC this week.  We will present positive proof that we human beings do not see women accurately as God intended. We will be

revealing to the women attending in person and those around the world listening and watching via teleconference the truth about God’s unique and special love for all women or Eve’s though out the ages…” 

               Ramona Hansen nodded at her granddaughter as she leaned forward to add her comments to Abby’s question.  “It’s true.  We as a culture do not see women accurately as God intended.  That is a reality, whether the view is religious or secular.  We as an organization are not interested in extremism or pushing the pendulum so far to the other side that we, as women, are in control. Our agenda is not about power or control.”

               Sara continued, “We know these two things are true,” her voice intensified as she spoke.  “First of all, the majority of the world sees God as masculine in gender.  Second, as a result of this false belief, the majority of the world fails to accurately identify those characteristics that God specifically gave to females. This false belief has made it impossible for women to come into the fullness of an intimate love relationship with their Creator.”

               Abby turned and looked at each of the three women seated around the table before asking her next questions.  “So are you saying that God has feminine characteristics?  Does that mean that God is part female?”

               Ramona pushed her glasses to the end of her nose and tipped her head down so Abby could clearly see their deep violet color.  “Yes Abigail, God has feminine characteristics.   How could God not have feminine characteristics?  And, no, God is not part female.  But,” Ramona Hansen smiled before continuing, “neither is God part male.”

               “We need to remember that women bear the image of God in a way that only the feminine can speak to.  Traditional Christianity describes God only in masculine terms.” Sara added.

               Ramona continued, “Thus the word feminine is diminished and has no clear place of honor or esteem in spiritual or biblical conversations. Instead of making assumptions about the most accurate definition of the word feminine, we should be asking ourselves this question; “What does woman tell us about God, what does the feminine tell us about God?”   

 “Notice my great-grandmother isn’t saying that people are ignoring God’s feminine characteristics or that people are over emphasizing God’s masculine characteristics. God is not asexual. God has no sexual gender.  God has no sexual identity. 

God has assigned certain of God’s characteristics to men.  And God has assigned certain of God’s characteristics to women. God has created two distinctly different, unique types of humans to contain most of God’s characteristics.  However, God is not man or woman.”  Elizabeth Evans spoke for the first time. 

“The mistake we all make as human; that we can’t fail to make because we are human, is to interpret God from our human point of view.  So we use words like feminine or masculine, he or she, to describe things.  Please hear this.  WE do this.  God did not.”

“In Exodus 3 Moses asks God ‘When the people ask ‘what is your name? What shall I tell them? God told Moses, “Tell them ‘I AM WHO I AM.’   Tell them “I AM” has sent Me to you.” 

Sara continued, “Our mission at Crown of Creation is to encourage, stimulate and awaken women to the true nature of their created purpose and the endless possibilities that exist for all women if they choose to walk in relationship with God. Our goal is to enable women to come into the fullness of an intimate love relationship with their Creator and Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

Ramona added, “There is no conspiracy, no secret society. What we are trying to communicate to women everywhere might best be portrayed through a little story.  It might help women understand a little better what God thinks of them. Imagine with me that we are peaking back through time at a great artist at work.”  The old woman looked confidently into the camera as she began to tell the story.

               “He stood in silence before his latest masterpiece.  His guests had arrived just as he had made the final brushstroke.  They were awestruck at the beauty and majesty of this, his latest work of art.  They had interrupted their own tasks frequently to come and watch the swiftness of his hand as he had effortlessly created countless treasures.  His work was of such breadth and depth of color, beauty and imagination that his visitors could not stop the flood of praise that poured from their lips.   

Many artists are never completely satisfied with their work.  Wanting or needing to keep molding or reshaping, adding more color or more light or content to their creations.

But this artist felt utter contentment as he gazed with pride at this work.  In fact, he knew that he would never again create a new work of art.  This was to be his last. 

As he led her to the garden he smiled and thought, ‘She is perfection. Nothing else I have created nor anything else created or produced by others will ever compare to her. She is my Crown of Creation.’ 

               Abby waited a full minute before beginning her closing comments. 

               “Thank you Sara, Ramona and Elizabeth for being part of ‘ABBY LIVE’ 180 today. I know that many of our viewers will be looking forward to watching Dalton News’s live broadcast of the Crown of Creation conference on Thursday evening.” Abby looked into the camera and spoke to her audience. “Thank you all for tuning in to our program.  Until next time this is Abigail Dalton for the entire ‘ABBY LIVE’-180 team. Keep looking up.” 

               Abby stood and winked at Elizabeth as her assistant helped the three guests take off their collar mikes.  “That was excellent, ladies.  We couldn’t have had a better introduction for the conference.  Liz, how are you feeling?  You were so nervous before we went on the air.”

               “I was.  But right before we came out here,” she motioned to the set, “Right before that we indulged in a long held family tradition for calming frayed nerves.  For the last few minutes before we came out we hummed, in three-part harmony no less, an old hymn by Fanny Crosby, Grandma Ro’s favorite, and when we were done I felt better.  It really works, almost every time.  But I’m still glad we’re done.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be though.”  

            Elizabeth Evans laughed as she put her hand on her stomach.  “Did you all hear that?  I get so hungry when I’m nervous. Can we go eat?  Isn’t there a new Greek restaurant nearby Abby?”

               “My dear Elizabeth you are always hungry.  I think a new Greek restaurant is a wonderful idea! I rarely get to eat Greek food.”  Ramona rolled her eyes at her great-granddaughter as she began to walk toward the exit of the television studio. 

               The women all laughed, knowing that one of Ramona’s many talents was cooking the best Greek food any of them had ever tasted.

               “I’ll only agree to Greek if you promise not to critique the chef.” Sara put her hand on her grandmother’s arm as she guided her out the door onto Hudson Place.

               “I never critique other cooks.  I only offer helpful hints.” 

               “Marty can take us to the restaurant and then we will take you all to the train station.  You should be back in DC in plenty of time to watch the program tonight.” 

               Marty, Abby’s driver and bodyguard, was standing next to a sleek black Mercedes.  He opened the door and reached out to assist Ramona into the backseat.

               Abby turned toward Sara as Elizabeth joined her grandmother in the car.  “I wish I could be there in the morning for the ceremony.  Give Sam my love and tell him I will see him tomorrow night.  Oh I forgot to ask you earlier… when you get home would you have Ainslee fax the latest count on the number of women who will be attending the conference? I’m having a teleconference with the security people tomorrow and they will want those numbers.” 

               The sound of screeching tires prevented Abby from hearing Sara’s response. 

A car careened around the corner onto Hudson Place and headed down the street toward the Mercedes.  The women watched in horror as the driver of the car appeared to step on the gas.   Marty slammed the car door and pivoted in front of Abby and Sara as the car barreled closer.  Sara Evans looked through the glass of the car window into her daughter’s eyes. 

              I know that I don’t deserve your time and attention.”  She had climbed to a rocky cliff overlooking their land.  It was a dusty, barren outcropping.  She had fled the horror of what she found in their fields at midday, running into the hills without thought for where she was going.  Her son’s screams had pierced the air and filled her with dread.  The amount of blood had stunned her.  She began to pace as she cried out her pain. 

“I know that I was arrogant.  No much worse.  I don’t blame you for turning your back on me.  I abused your love for me.  I thought I didn’t need you.  I thought I could do it on my own.” 

She whispered, “I can remember our closeness.”  She fell to her knees, head bowed, shoulder’s heavy with grief.  “I miss you.  I love you.” 

“How safe I felt with you; how foolish I was, how stupid,” tears flowed soaking into the earth beneath her.  “I long to know you have forgiven me.  Have you?  Can you?” 

She lifted up her head.  “I beg you to restore the closeness we once had.  I know I deserve my punishment.  But I cannot bear the pain any longer.” 

She began to wail.  She rose and began to pace back and forth on the edge of the cliff.  “I know I have no right to come to you.  My sons are gone.  This morning I watched them leave for work; strong, healthy, vibrant with life.  How can they be gone?  In a split second our lives are changed forever.  One’s blood is soaking our fields.  The other is being destroyed by his shame and guilt.  I can’t take any more.”  Her voice had again become a whisper. 

“How can I make it right?  What must I do to make up for my foolishness?  My selfishness? Will my children forever be burdened with the shame of my sin?

 “I thought I needed to take matters into my own hands in order to have the best possible life.  I thought you were holding out on us.  And he didn’t try to stop me.  He just stood there.  He didn’t fight me or disagree with me.  He was silent, passive.  Then he blamed me. 

And it is my responsibility.  I walked into the trap.  Will it make a difference if I change?  I’m afraid.  Will you turn away from me if I come to you?  I am weary.  I am tired down to the marrow of my bones.  I don’t want to live this life any longer.  There is nothing that can fill the hole inside me.”   

I am begging you.  Again!  Please forgive me.  You must forgive me.  I can’t go on without your love.  You are my source of life.  I want to come back to you.  I want to go back to the way things were, for me, for him, for our sons and daughters.  I long for your touch.  I ache to hear your voice.  I feel as if I will die without you.  Please.  Help me.” 

He responded with a gentleness that caused her to again drop to her knees and bow her head.  “My dear sweet daughter; I created you for something glorious.  You were targeted for destruction not because you are a failure, but because you are glorious.”

 He took her hand and lifted her from her knees to stand face to face.  “Allow me to quiet your soul and fill you with my peace.  The truth is all of creation was a work of art meant to be a backdrop for your glorious creation.”  He reached out and curled a lock of her hair around two fingers of his right hand as he spoke.   

“It is true that for many more generations your daughters will walk in the pain that you wrought in your own life.  But there will come a time, a day when I will free your daughters from that bondage.  I will make a way.  In that day they will become the glorious image bearers they were meant to be.  In that day they will fully embrace their identity as the crown of my creation.  I will pay the ransom and with that bring healing to your broken, wounded, bleeding heart.”  He brushed away the tear that was rolling down her left cheek. 

She would not remember how long they were together, but she would remember his words until the end of her days.  But more than that she would remember what it was like to be with him again.  They had been transported back to the garden as he talked.  They had walked hand in hand.  They had laughed and danced as he shared his deep love for her.  She had looked so deeply into his eyes she thought she would be completely consumed.  She had fallen asleep in his arms.

               When she woke back on the hill above her home she felt a peace and confidence at the center of her being that would not leave her.  As she walked down the hill, back to her grieving family, she remembered every detail of the day.   She knew she would tell no one until the day chosen to tell her daughters.  


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