Our Goal

     The title of our book COME INTO HIS FULLNESS and our site address   comeintohisfullness.com  is our personal invitation to any who would desire to join us in our journey to be the pre-fall women that relationship through the sacrifice of Jesus is allowing us to become.
     Our hearts desire is to encourage, stimulate and awaken women to the true nature of their created purpose and the endless possibilities that exist for all women if they choose to walk in relationship with God. 
     Our goal is to enable women to come into the fullness of an intimate love relationship with their Creator and Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.
     We believe that the majority of the world sees God as masculine in gender.  As a result of this belief, the majority of the world fails to accurately identify those characteristics that God specifically gave to females when He created her in His own image. This belief has made it almost impossible for women to come into the fullness of an intimate love relationship with their Creator.
     We believe that God had a 'perfect' plan for woman before the fall.  If He knew the beginning and the end He knew she would fall so why would He bother thinking up a plan for a 'perfect creature' that would not exist?  Perhaps because He also knew that He would provide the means for woman to become the person He originally intended.
     Why would He do this? 
     Perhaps to show His creation that His power and authority commingles perfectly with His compassion and love for what He has created.
     Our working hypothesis can be stated as follows… We believe that philosophers and thinkers, scientists and clerics, both male and female, have throughout the centuries missed the mark when discussing and opining about a woman's true created purpose. Because of this misguided avenue of thinking [they] have contributed to and perhaps been wholly responsible for the oppression, degradation, abuse, and injustices that have been carried out against women throughout the world throughout the centuries.  We believe that females share a 'collective soul wound' caused by eons of consistently being told through words and actions that they are less than…
     Our new application of the concept of our God being a 'whole-brain God' who desires and expects His children to be 'whole-brain' believers when properly integrated into the learning systems and 'helping' organizations that serve women and girls will revolutionize the results these systems and organizations obtain as they minister. Our hope is that our work will enable organizations throughout the entire world that work for and with women and girls to be more ably equipped to minister to them, by helping them to understand the deep rooting of the problems that they are facing.
     We believe that the concepts taught in our book Come Into His Fullness when implemented in individual lives will enable each woman to become the Fully Refined pre-fall 'Eve' that God created her to be.

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