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False Light The Shadow Of Eve is the story of a group of women tasked with completing a mission that began with the first created woman as she cried out to her creator after her eldest son killed her youngest son.

Here is a brief excerpt from the first chapter.
     "Marty, Abby’s driver and bodyguard, was standing next to a sleek black Mercedes. He opened the door and reached out to assist Ramona into the backseat.
      Abby turned toward Sara as Elizabeth joined her grandmother in the car. “I wish I could be there in the morning for the ceremony. Give Sam my love and tell him I will see him tomorrow night. Oh I forgot to ask you earlier… when you get home would you have Ainslee fax the latest count on the number of women who will be attending the conference? I’m having a teleconference with the security people tomorrow and they will want those numbers.
     The sound of screeching tires prevented Abby from hearing Sara’s response. A car careened around the corner onto Hudson Place and headed down the street toward the Mercedes. The women watched in horror as the driver of the car appeared to step on the gas. Marty slammed the car door and pivoted in front of Abby and Sara as the car barreled closer. Sara Evans looked through the glass of the car window into her daughter’s eyes. "


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