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  I have been reading a lot of snippets from a lot of blogs recently. Mommy blogs, cooking, organizing, sewing, crafting, Bible study… the list goes on. Though they are all different the blogs I have been reading have one thing in common. They are all written by Godly women. Women who see their lives and their writing as a ministry for their Lord. I see their love for Jesus, their desire to be more like Him, their longing to be better wives, sisters, moms, daughters, friends…  these ‘bloggers’ share their ‘stories’ with each other and encourage one another in the day to day trials, joys and everyday happenings of their lives.
     And I am touched to my very core.
     I long to reach out to each one and give the huggers a hug and a reassuring smile/grin and ‘atta girl’ for those who would prefer to not have me in their private space… it took me  long time to understand that another’s dislike of hugging doesn’t have anything to do with me…
     I want to write them each an encouraging, uplifting, affirming letter telling them I have been there, done that… and with God’s grace lived through it all!!   I want them to hear me, believe me when I tell them they have blessed me. They have blessed the tens, hundreds, thousands of ‘sisters’ who read their words. Their honesty. Their pain. Their joy.  Their words, their stories help, assist, enable their readers to believe even for  a moment that they are not alone in this journey called ‘womanhood.’
     And as I write this I think back to the time when I was the same age as most of these women are as they share their lives on this wonder called the internet. And I wish it had been invented way back then so I could have shared my story with so many.  My story ‘happened’ so very long ago.  A voice in my head tells me ‘none of these young ones care about what God did more than 30 years ago.’  
     BUT the desire to tell it will not go way.  I have prayed and prayed and asked repeatedly for God to help me by either opening a door for me to share or to take the desire away… 
     I believe that this network of believing bloggers is the door I have been praying for…
     I also believe that it is the responsibility of older women to come along side younger women and teach, and encourage them.  Why is this so hard? Why is this rarely done? Part of the reason is the fault of the older woman. Part of the fault lies with the younger. Some are just too tired by the time they get to the ‘older’ place of life. Some are just too ‘prideful’ to ask for help or listen to wise advice when younger. So then...  sadly... every-one loses…. 
     When I reread the last few sentences I wrote my heart and mind cried out “But where is Jesus is those attitudes?  Where is our reliance on our heavenly Father to give us strength when we are weary? Where is our desire to humbly ask Him for help asking for help or advice?"  Perhaps we can find the answer together.
     Please take the time as soon as you can to click the tabs labeled "My Story", a brief telling of what I mentioned earlier on this page about the miraculous way God saved my life over 30 years ago, and then an explanation of "Why Blog Links..." and finally the links on the upper left side with links to our books. Thank so much for reading. Blessings to you this day and always. Ginger

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