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“This book is meant to encourage, stimulate, and awaken the reader to the endless possibilities that exist in his or her relationship with God.  It is thorough but very basic description of the journey that is necessary in order to walk into the fullness of an intimate love relationship with Him.”
… from the book Come Into His Fullness
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     "I believe God is a whole-brain God. He intends for you to be a whole-brain believer. His desire is for you to surrender your entire brain to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Most of us have powerful beliefs that, left unaddressed and ignored, prevent us from attaining the goal of becoming whole-brain believers. We are loyal to our belief systems and don’t even consciously register that we have one.
     Many of our beliefs interfere with our ability to fully embrace an essential truth about God. His primary expectation is for each one of us to enter into a loving relationship with Him. When He created you, He fell in love with you. His love for you is more intense than you are capable of imagining. And He desires that you choose to love Him back."    Pam Micca

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