The Impact of Soul Wounds on Belief System Development

     Because our brains are so powerful and “busy” and capable of being distracted by Satan, as we begin to work on understanding our personal belief systems, we will usually encounter difficulties that cause us to resist or interrupt this process. Try to keep in mind that it is God’s reality that throughout the human life span all things that occur either internally or externally have meaning, impact, and connectedness. All things from our past influence how we live in the present. This means that many of the difficulties we have experienced in our life, even after we become believers, have been caused by the adult effects of unrecognized and unacknowledged soul wounds which were sustained in childhood. These wounds are wounds of the soul.
     As we continue to look at normal human development, it is important to understand what parts make up the whole of who we are. We have been created with three parts to self; spirit, soul and body. Paul prayed “…may your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Thessalonians 5:23.
     The first part of self, our spirit is the part of self which, when alive, enables us to directly communicate with and experience intimacy with God. Remember that before salvation we were spiritually separated from God and at the instant of salvation our spirit awakens or is restored to life.
     The second part of self, our soul houses our mind (which contains our thoughts, our intellect, our belief system, and our perceptions of our inner and outer world), our emotions (which are our feelings), and our will (which is our ability to choose and to freely make whatever decisions we wish to make regarding our actions and/or behaviors). The third part of self, our physical body is the vehicle within which we exist in the environment and with which we express ourselves to and are recognized by the external world.
     A powerful deterrent to recognition and acknowledgement of the connection between here-and-now difficulties and the soul wounds experienced in childhood is natural man’s tendency to turn the conscious mind away from the reality that there are any relevant connections between childhood and adulthood which need to be given attention in the here and now. While most people today can accept the fact that physical, sexual and extreme forms of verbal or emotional abuse do occur and that this abuse leaves soul wounds that can create adult effects, there are still many misconceptions regarding the very real soul wounds that occur from less extreme forms of human interaction. Attitudes, tones of voice, methods of communication, and inappropriate boundaries or expectations are just a few examples of less extreme ways one can wound another.
     In many instances, because the potential for denial or minimization of any effects is much higher in the subtler forms of wounding, damage can be even greater than when someone is the victim of a more extreme form of wounding. Should you doubt the reality of the effects of lesser forms of soul wounding, consider for a moment one of Satan’s major characteristics. He is a master of subtleties. He is the father of lies and masqueraded as an angel of light. You can get no more subtle than evil masquerading as good. The damage that results when Satan is subtle is devastating.
     Lesser forms of soul wounding are often passive, unintentional or unwitting. They are often sins of omission. Those who have “only” experienced a lesser form of soul wounding may trivialize the damage that was done. However, the effects are very real. Those so-called trivial effects can sometimes deadly. If unrecognized and unacknowledged they can grow like an undiagnosed cancer within the soul. In the end, it makes little difference whether the soul wounding we suffered was traumatic or subtle, deliberate or inadvertent. Wounds are wounds. And the resulting damage is damage.
(This an excerpt from our book "Come Into His Fullness ")

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